Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am on a Roll Today

Freya: olivia and i are going to go to the farmers market
any requests?

me: cheese?

Freya: cheese?
from the farmers market?

me: cheese?
i like cheese

Freya: oh i get it. you're being funny!
i don't think they have cheese

me: cheese please
oh you're going to crocker, not ferry building?

Freya: yeah

me: get more of those dates

Freya: ok!

me: to go with the cheese

Freya: uhuh
and any other fruit requests?

me: cheesefruit?
does that exist?

Freya: nope

me: there's breadfruit
and kiwifruit
and applefruit
no cheesefruit?

Freya: someone should really start working on that

me: seriously

Freya: ok but seriously
any real requests besides the dates?

me: i think we need another kabocha to keep the old one company
it looks lonely

Freya: we are gonna cook that thing this weekend

me: ok then we'd need two more
so the new one doesn't get lonely when we eat the old one

i guess we could just forget about getting the old one some company in general, since we're going to eat it so soon

but really? that's no way to die... alone and almost forgotten

of course, if we got two more new kabochas they'd probably be young and irreverent, sticking to each other in their own little clique and making the old one feel that much worse for being, well, old

ok so what you need to do is just get one more kabocha this week. he'll keep the old one company and the old one can also pass on any kabocha wisdom to him

then next week we'll get another new one. the new old (old new?) one will then pass on that wisdom he got from the old old one

and we can keep the kabocha wisdom alive

Freya: you can stop now

me: and in that way, the old kabocha lives on
the end

Freya: my god that is quite a process

me: agreed
but jesus, what else can we do?
Snoozing Jesus, I need you now more than ever!

Freya: you are on a fucking roll!
anyway i just want to say that i have never forgotten the kobucha
and have spoken of it many times since we got it

me: you are a good kabocha guardian, it's true

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